Where do you source your vegetables?

We partnered with NC Farms and are sourcing the vegetables directly from local farms. About 30% of farm-grown vegetables do not meet "cosmetic" standards and therefore cannot be sold by a farm to a grocery store. The cosmetic standards include, size and shape. These vegetables are discarded or left in fields to degrade and never make it to a table,

Why these "ugly" vegetables aren't donated to charities?

Only a small percentage of farms have the infrastructure necessary to send food to food banks on a weekly basis. The volume is simply too large. We, at Southern Snacks, made a good use of these products by rescuing food and cooking perfect air-fried and yummy potato chips. 

What's in your chips?

Ask us what's NOT in our chips. Our chips are free from: any allergens, artificial preservatives, gluten, and excessive oils and fats. Transparency is our motto, we know where each batch of potatoes was grown

How do you cook your chips?

We air-fry them. By air-frying the chips we are able to keep the tasty crunch that makes us love our fried food, and avoid high fat and high calories. Keep the crunch kick the calories.